Bed Side Locker

Bed Side Locker (HWE-07)


Overall Size : 480 x 480 x 760mm.

  • Bedside cabinet made of ABS material.
  • 1 drawer and 1 storage cabinet.
  • One pullout tray for cup and articles.
  • 2 pull out towel holder (one each side) Optional Castors.

Bed side locker (HWE-08)


Overall Size : 406L x406W x 810H.

  • CRCA sheet constructions.
  • One box and one drawer.
  • S.S. Top with three sided raise edges.
  • Finish: Pretreated and Epoxy Powder coated.

Bed Side Locker (HWE-09)


Overall Size : 406L x 406W x 810H.

  • Tubular pipe construction filledĀ  with PVC stamps.
  • Assembled to M.S cupboard.
  • Stainless stool top.
  • Finish : Pretreated and Epoxy Powder Coated.