Oxygen Hoods

Oxygen Hoods


A Device consisting of a rigid/semi-rigid transparent plastic shell that forms an enclosure over an infant’s whole body, or the head only, in order to provide an enriched environment of oxygen (O2) to increase the patient’s O2 uptake. It is connected to an O2 source and may be used concurrently with increased humidification and temperature control. It is designed to be used for patients adverse to oxygen delivery devices such as a nasal cannula or face mask. This device may include the tubing, a diffuser (to disperse the flow of incoming O2), O2 Concentration This is a reusable device.


  • Single Piece Round shape
  • Made up of autoclavable Imported Polycarbonate material.
  • Trauma free Silicon neck adjustable flap.
  • Bi-Lateral Oxygen Nozzle, Prevents direct flow of cold Oxygen on Patients head.

Size Available : Small / Medium / Large