Infant Incubator P-002


Physical Attributes

Height : 126.1cm to 146.1cm

Width : 99.7cm

Depth : 57.7cm

Weight : 80Kg

Hood Specifications

Tubing Access Ports : 10

Access door size : 18 x 13cm

Mattress to hood height : 4.8cm

Soft bed mattress size : 73.6 x 38.6 x 1.8cm

Mattress tilt : ±12º

Drawer size : 28.0 x 24.7cm, 28.0 x 11.3cm (x2)

Temperature Control Modes

Temperature control modes : Skin and air temperature control mode

Air mode control temperature range : 20ºC – 37ºC

Air mode control override temperature range : 37ºC – 39ºC

Air mode control accuracy : ≤±1.0ºC

Skin mode control temperature range : 34ºC – 37ºC

Skin mode control override temperature range : 37ºC – 38ºC

Skin temperature accuracy : ±0.3ºC

Dual skin temperature monitoring : Yes

Servo Humidity Option

Humidity control range : 30% – 95% RH

Humidity control operating time without refilling : 24 hours

Humidity control reservoir capacity : 1500ml

Humidity display accuracy : ±5% RH

Humidity control accuracy : ±5% RH


Air flow velocity across mattress : <10cm/sec

Temperature rise time at 22ºC (72ºF) ambient : <20min (From 22ºC, 50% RH

Temperature variability : to 35ºC <0.2ºC

Temperature overshoot : <0.5ºC maximum

Temperature uniformity with a level mattress : <0.8ºC

Operating noise level in hood : ≤45dBa

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Level : <0.5%

Servo Oxygen Option

Oxygen display accuracy of full scale : ± 2%

Oxygen control accuracy (100% calibration) : ± 3%

Oxygen control accuracy (21% calibration) : ± 5%

Oxygen control range : 21% to 65%

Oxygen display resolution : 1%

Scale Option

Weight range : 300g to 8kg

Weight display resolution : 1g

Weight accuracy : ± 10g

Operating Environment

Temperature : 20º to 30ºC

Humidity : 10 to 95%

Air Velocity : Up to 0.3 m/sec

Storage shipping Information

Temperature : -25º to 60ºC

Humidity : 0 to 95% RH

Infant Incubator (P-002)


Ambient Temperature Monitoring

With ambient temperature probe Mediwaves incubator is able to compare the gap between ambient and setting temperature and changing heating power output accordingly in order to provide more stable inside hood air temperature.

Heating System Monitoring

Mediwaves monitors not only hood air temperature but also radiator and circuit air temperature, By collecting each parts temperature information, EcoLa’s temperature control system is much more accurate and safe than others.

Pid Fuzzy Algorithm

With the help of latest PID technology, Mediwaves minimizes the temperature variability to unprecedented 0.2ºC and temperature overshoot is also reduced dramatically.

Temperature Uniformity

Mediwaves series incubator’s air circuit system is designed based on massive experimentation. With plenty aerodynamics knowledge, the temperature uniformity is improved as much as possible in order to give infant the safest micro-environment.


Heating Source Double Protection

It is equipped with both thermocouple and mechanical temperature switch to protect the heating source of heating system and evaporator. Thermocouple reads real time temperature and limits the temperature in a safe range by feedback the temperature value to control module. While mechanical temperatures switch is in series circuits, if the heating source temperature goes unmoral level, temperature switch cuts off the circuit physically.

Three Channel Temperature Sensors

There are three channel of temperature sensors in the module box. One channel is for reading hood temperature to remain the temperature at setting value. Another temperature sensor is in an individual circuit for protection only. The third sensor is used to compare the reading with other two sensors. If the reading of three sensors differ from 0.8ºC, alarm is triggered.

Alarm List

Provides wide range of physiological and technical alarms in order to improve the treatment effect and eliminate residual risk from the device.