Infusion Pump

Infusion Pump HK-1001


  • Compact and light weight design.
  • Soft key, easy to operate.
  • Top indicator light indicating.
  • Load directly the last infusion rate and volume.
  • Adjustable buzzer volume.
  • Three adjustable occlusion pressure settings.
  • Free flow protection.
  • Panel Lock.
  • Double CPU ensuring safe infusion.
  • Removable pump body for easy
Features & Functions
Infusion modeRate mode
Flow rate range0.1 ~ 1200ml/h, Micro mode : 0.1-99.9ml/h in 0.1 ml increments, 1-400drops/min
Remaining time00h:00m It depends on the setting of VTBI and flow rate
Volume to be infused (VTBI)0 ~ 9999 ml
Volume Infused (Σ)0 ~ 36000 ml
KVO rate1-5 ml
Infusion accuracy±5%
Bolus rate300-1200ml/h
Applicable infusion setA wide variety brands of infusion set
Air bubble detectionUltrasound sensor detection with four levels of air in line alarm adjustable
Occlusion pressure3 adjustable occlusion pressure settings: low, middle and high
AlarmsVisual and audible alarms : Door open, Air-In-Line, Occlusion, Infusion completion, Low Battery, Battery depleted, malfunction etc.
BatteryRechargeable lithium polymer battery, 7.4V,2100mAh. Can operate for more than 3 hours after fully charged at 25ml/h
Battery recharge time10h with power on, 3h with power off
Power supplyAC: 100~240V, 50/60Hz, DC: 12V ±1V
ClassificationClass l, type CF Px3
Dimension145x100x120 mm (L x W x D)

MI - 23 Infusion Pump


  • Set up the parameter with dials, confirm with push button and start therapy with start button.
  • Adjustable All sensitivity. Detect upstream occlusion.
  • Display drug name and dosage limit.

Quick Mount : One click to install on the pump pole. No screw needed.

Power Adapter : External power supply to reduce risk of power module overheating.

Information : Download setting and upload therapy data via WiFi.

Language : Multiple language supported.

Tech Details
Volume Infused0.01 ∼ 9999.99ml, step by 0.01ml.
Flow Rate0.01 ∼ 1800ml/h, step by 0.01ml/h.
Accuracy± 5%
Purge / Bolus Rate1 ∼ 1800ml/h adjustable ± 20%
KVO Rate

Flow rate ≥ 10ml/h : KVO rate 3ml/h

Flow rate ≥ 1ml/h and < 10ml/h : KVO rate 1ml/h

Flow rate < 1ml/h : KVO rate = Flow rate

AlarmLow battery, Battery exhausted, infusion near to end alarm, Air in line, Occlusion, Door Open, Pause overtime, VTBI completion,  Malfunction, A.C. and D.C. Off.
Occlusion Pressure

Two levels : High, Low

H : 100 kPa ± 30kPa;

L : 50 kPa ± 20kPa.

Power AdapterA.C. Input power 100V ∼ 240V 50/60 Hz ; D.C. output power 15V / 2A.
Lithium BatteryNominal Voltage : 10.8V ; Device can work over 6 hrs. on battery.
Infusion Pump Input PowerD.C. 15V
Power< 55VA
ClassificationClass II, Type CF, IPX2.
Weight1.5 Kg.
Dimension132 x 95 x 165mm (W x D x H)