LED Phototherapy Unit P-003

LED Phototherapy Unit (P-003)


  • Phototherapy based on LED technology, which after filtering provide, a light of wavelength approximately 450 to 470 nm with peak wavelength of 450-460nm range.
  • Irradiance minimum 35 µW/cm2/nm at 40 cm height and UV not exceed 10-4 W/m2 in 180nm to 400nm.
  • Digital Hour meter showing total exposure time for current patient clearly visible by operator.
  • Effective light field >700 cm2.
  • Lamp life minimum 20000 hours for LED and has timer to indicate its usage.
  • Over temperature safety cut out is included.
  • Up, down and tilting of head is possible.
  • The unit is mounted with castor wheels with brakes.
  • Variation in intensity over 5-5 hours < 10%.
  • The irradiance ratio (min to max) is greater than 40% on mattress.
  • Green indicator light is provided to indicate that equipment is ready for normal use.
  • Interruption and a restoration of the power supply does not change preset values. LED heat can be reduced by natural cooling.
  • LED is protected from free fall.
  • It does not topple on 10º inclined angle.
  • The temperature of baby bed and metal surfaces does not exceed 40º and 43º for other accessible surfaces.
  • There is intuitive method to indicate the light surface is at the appropriate treatment distance.
  • Mobile stand with movable castors and height adjustment facility along with easy swiveling of source box. Unit can be used along with Infant care trolley, Radiant Warmer and Incubator.
  • UP/DOWN adjustment over Head Unit; The Phototherapy unit can be able to provide effective treatment for beds and incubators of varying heights (generally 1.0 to 1.6m) adjustment of light intensity is provided.

Optional Bassinet

  • Clear cabinet for observation of infant.
  • Infant bassinette an integral unit which is detachable.
  • Unit provide shielding of infant in the event of bulb breakage.
  • Bulb mount has angle adjustment of at least 30 degrees.
  • All surface made of corrosion resistant materials.
  • Light unit tilting facility and height adjustment facility.
  • The temperature of baby bed and metal surfaces not exceeds 40º and 43º for other accessible surfaces.

Power requirements 220V to 240V, 50Hz.