Diathermy Vessel Sealer

Output Characteristics
 ModesMaximum P-P VoltageRated Load (OHMS)Maximum Power (Watts)Crest Factor* (Typical)
Monopolar CutPure9005004001.5
Blend I11005003002.1
Blend II12005002502.4
Blend III13005002002.8
Blend IV13005001503.1
Monopolar CoagulationSoft16005003003.5
Marco / Cut6001001201.5

Diathermy Vessel Sealer


Vessel Sealing Mode : Pure Sine wave 440 kHz, Seal – Pulse output mode, 3 Mode,

Soft70W at 100Ω, CF 1.5
Moderate120W at 100Ω, CF 1.5
High200W at 100Ω, CF 1.5
  • Saline Cut – Saline Plasma Cutting Variable 10W to 300W at 100Ω, CF 1.5.
  • Saline Coagulation – Saline Plasma Coagulation Variable 10W to 150W at 100Ω, CF 1.5.

PPQM System

  • Measuring Frequency : 85kHz ± 10kHz
  • Measuring Current : <10μA
  • Dual Area PREM Patient Return Electrode : 5-135Ω
  • Single Area Patient Return Electrode : <10Ω

Applications Fields

Ophthalmic, Laparoscopic, Surgery, Endo, GI, Ortho, Open & General Surgery, Oncology, Gynecology, Hernia, GI Endocytosis, Papillotomy, Polypectomy, Under Water, Urology, Gynecology TCRE, Hysteroscopy, Thoracotomy, Unit is suitable for all kind of Open, Endoscopic, Laparoscopic and Minimally Invasive Surgery Plastic, Neuro, ENT, Spine, Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery.

Safety Standards

  • Classification According to the EC – Directive 93 / 42 / EEC. Class llb.
  • General Safety Standards : IEC 60601-1-1, IEC 60601-2-2
  • EMI/EMC Compatibility Standard : IEC 60601-1-2
  • IS Safety Standard : IS 7583

Leakage Current

  • HF Leakage : Monopolar <150mA RMS-Bipolar <60Ma RMS.
  • Low Frequency : Normal Polarity, intact ground : <10µA.
  • Normal Polarity, ground open : <50µA

Input Power

  • Operating Voltage : 190-260Volt 50Hz AC, (Optional 90-120Volts 60Hz AC)


  • L x W x H – 350 x 350 x 130mm 
  • Net Weight in 5 Kg.