Radiant Warmer P-001A


RADIANT WARMER is an electrically powered device with a radiant heating source intended to maintain the thermal balance of an infant by radiation of energy in the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum.

RADIANT WARMER is a microprocessor controlled unit which heater placed on the over head panel. This work n both servo and manual mode options to maintain the baby temperature at the set value. There was two modes of operation manual and baby (servo) mode. It has displays reading the set and baby observed temperatures separately.

Technical Specification

Power Requirement220 to 240V, 50Hz
Power Consumption<800 Watt
Sound Level>65dBA at 3 mtrs.

Radiant Warmer (P-001A)

  1. It is microprocessor-based servo-controlled unit that will allow at least two operation modes-servo (automatic) and manual mode.
  2. The radiant warmer has a heating element with power consumption of 800-1200 Watts.
  3. It has quartz / non-ceramic infrared / Ceramic Heater heating element with parabolic stainless-steel reflector for uniform radiation of heat waves to all corners of the basinet.
  4. Heater is protected by a metal grid to prevent shock hazards.
  5. The heater box / head will be either of swivel type and it must rotate to ±90º from its axis or fixed type head provided it allows X-Ray exposure from top.
  6. It has LED display (at least 1”) for showing skin temperature in manual mode and set and skin temperatures in servo mode. Temperature display should be bright, numerical.
  7. The unit has a rechargeable battery backup (30 min. or more) for display of temperatures & alarm during power failure.
  8. It has an adjustable light source (LED) for observation of the baby.
  9. Probe : Skin and Air Probe.
  10. The Basinet : (A) Comprises of foldable / dropdown transparent acrylic / poly carbonate side panels of minimum 6mm in thickness and can be swiveled easily for cleaning and procedures. (B) It will not be fixed with the warmer ; if it is fixed them it detachable easily for cleaning purpose. Both move on locked wheels. (C) It has one fixed transparent acrylic sheet below mattress for under surface phototherapy and an additional acrylic tray with basinet for positioning the X-Ray cassette. (D) The unit has facility for inclination in both directions (trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg) minimum up to 12º. (E) Stitch-less mattress supplied with a foam density of 21-25 kg/m3 with at least 1 inch in thickness. (F) Mattress cover will be made of fire-ratardent material. (G) Mattress are waterproof and easily washable. It should be resistant to cleaning chlorine-based solution.
  11. Dimensions : (A) Probe length : Not less than 3 ft. (Skin and Air Probe). (B) Length of basinet : Minimum 680 mm. Width of basinet : Minimum 50 mm. (C) Working level from the ground up to upper level of the mattress : Minimum 870 mm. (D) Distance from mattress top and heat source : Minimum 850 mm. (E) Diameter of castors for Radiant Warmer and Basinet with brakes/locks on front wheels : Minimum 75 mm. (F) The unit be supplied with 2 (two) drawers and 1 (one) IV stand. The minimum diameter of IV stand (Stainless Steel) will be 2.5 cm with 4 pages (stainless steel) for hanging IV fluids.
  12. Height adjustment system for Radiant Warmer and Basinet is accommodated : ± 2 inch.
  13. Monitor tray (to be supplied with) : 30 mm x 270 mm.
  14. Operating temperature range : 10ºC to 30ºC or wider.
  15. Operating humidity range : 30%-90% RH.
  16. Skin temperature range : 32ºC to 38ºC, Accuracy : ±0.2ºC, Resolution : 0.1ºC accorlade.
  17. Alarm for Probe failure, Heat failure, High and Low Temperature, Power failure.
  18. Electrical supply : Power I/P to be 180-240 VAC, 50Hz fitted with Indian 3 pin plug.
  19. UPS of suitable rating with voltage regulation and spike protection for 60 Minutes backup.
  20. Accessories & Consumables to be supplied with the machine : (A) Mattress : 02 (two). (B) Temp. (skin) and Air Probe (Reusable) : 02 Each (two). (C) Fuse set : 01 (one). (D) Monitor tray : 01 (one).
  21. Documents / Certification :- European CE & ISO 13485.
  22. User / Technical / Maintenance Manual to be supplied in English / Hindi.
  23. Cleaning and maintenance of Radiant Warmer and Basinet is user friendly.

Standard Configuration

Power requirements

Customer specified.

Power consumption : 700VA (Maximum).

Heater capacity550W
Dimensions84 (W) x 110 (D) x 178-218 (H) cm, (Mattress surface ; 80-120cm)
Temperature controlServo control (Manual control also available)
Skin temperature

Setting range : 34.0-38.0ºC

Display range : 30.0-42.0ºC

Heater output

Setting range : 0-100% (in 5% increments)

Indication range : 0-100 (in 10 level)


Time display range : 0-60 minutes 00 seconds (in 1 second increments)

APGAR mode / CPR mode switchable

LightingLED lamp Adjustable illumination intensity 0-1200 lux
Mattress platform angleInclination angle (back and forth) : +13º ∼ -13º

Infant Warmer (P-001A)


Simplify operation, improve efficiency, and save valuable time for medical staff.

Hands-free Alarm Silence

It’s able to eliminate the alarm sound just by waving your hand in front of the sensor without touching the machine, help you maintain a clean, quiet and warm nursing environment, and effectively prevent the occurrence of hospital infection. 

Far infrared ceramic heating tube

  • Utilize Elstein far infrared ceramic heating tube, which greatly improve the radiation  efficiency and extend the duration.
  • Perfect to absorded by skin effectively accelerate blood circulation., by which the viscerel temperature and body surface temperature rise simultaneously in short time.
  • Double heating tube design accelerate the heating rate and ideally distribute the heat on the surface even the mattress is tilted, which provides warm and comfortable for neonatal.
  • Apply high-accurate double thermistor temperature sensor and increase its accuracy of temperature monitoring.

Thermal conduction gel mattress

  • Environment silicon gel, with great biocompatibility Soft and comfortable, great thermo performance Anti-bacterium, easy to clean and disinfect as well as reduce bedsore.

Self-adaptive Brightness Adjustment Touch Screen

  • 10.4 inch color LCD touch screen.
  • Centralized display of all neonatal waveforms and data for easy viewing and operation.
  • Ambient light sensor, automatically adjusted screen brightness.

Advance Features

  • 10.4 inch LCD touch screen with knob.
  • Night and day model switches.
  • Low lightness far infrared ceramic heating lamp.
  • Ambient noise and light level display.
  • Hand free alarms silence.
  • Integrated Spo2 function.
  • Integrated weight scale and resuscitation.

Optional Functions

Height AdjustmentUp to 40 cm.
Weight Scale
Weight range300g to 8kg
Weight display resolution1g
Weight accuracy+/-10g
Pulse Oximeter Unit
Display range1-100% SpO2
SpO2 alarm setting rangeUpper limit : 50-90% (in 1% increments)
Lower limit : 45-95% (in 1% increments)
Pulse rate display range25-240bpm
Pulse rate alarm setting rangeUpper limit : 80-240bpm. OFF
Lower limit : 35-180bpm. OFF (in 5bpm increments)
AlarmsSpO2 high/low limit, pulse rate high/low limit, SpO2 sensor
Resuscitation Unit
ManometerPressure indication : -2 ∼ 8 kPa (-20 ∼ 80cm H2O)
Suction UnitSuction pressure control range : 0 ∼ 36.7 kPa (0 ∼ 200mm Hg)
O2 BlenderOxygen concentration control range : 21 ∼ 100%
Oxygen flow rate control range : 0 ∼ 15L/min.
Resuscitation-flow unitPMAX setting range : 19 ∼ 58 kPa (20 ∼ 60cm H2O)
Default setting range : 39 kPa (cm H2O)
Storage / Shipping Information
Temperature-25º to 60º C
Humidity0 to 95% FH