Diathermy Trigger Gx

Fields of Application:

  • Suitable for surgeons need in wide range of general procedures and in specialities including.
  • Laproscopic, Neuro Surgery, Gynaecology, ENT, Orthopaedic , E.R.C.P., Plastic and reconstructive surgeries.

Technical Specification :
Input Voltage : 220/240V 50 Hz.

Diathermy Trigger Gx


Salient Features

  • Bipolar and Monopolar Electro Surgical Diathermy with both monopolar and bipolar probes.
  • Automatic power regulation and constant delivery on tissue impedance.
  • Monopolar cutting output of 380-400 watts at 350 ohms. For coagulation from
    280-300 watts at 350 ohms.
  • Bi-polar coagulation : 50 watts at 75 ohms max.
  • 0-10 stepwise regulation both for monopolar as well as bipolar diathermy indication- for different types of surgeries eg. TUR underwater cutting, laproscopic, gastro intestinal etc.
  • Haemostasis adjustments in 10 stepwise pattern for monopolar and 4 steps for bipolar.
  • Autostart in bipolar coagulation with 0 sec, 1 sec, 2 sec delay options.
  • Touch pattern to operate power settings and independent adjustments of output power eliminating accidental injuries.
  • For monopolar and bipolar, automatic activation by foot switch or push button is available.
  • Different codings for cutting and coagulation.
  • Patients safety – Visual and audible alarms.
  • Separate audible and visual signals for cutting and coagulation.
  • Electrosurgery ave blend cutting coagulation facility.
  • Shockproof explosive protective quality accessories.
  • Have a separate connector to connect resectoscope.