Infant Warmer P-001A

Standard Configuration

Power requirements

Customer specified.

Power consumption : 700VA (Maximum).

Heater capacity550W
Dimensions84 (W) x 110 (D) x 178-218 (H) cm, (Mattress surface ; 80-120cm)
Temperature controlServo control (Manual control also available)
Skin temperature

Setting range : 34.0-38.0ºC

Display range : 30.0-42.0ºC

Heater output

Setting range : 0-100% (in 5% increments)

Indication range : 0-100 (in 10 level)


Time display range : 0-60 minutes 00 seconds (in 1 second increments)

APGAR mode / CPR mode switchable

LightingLED lamp Adjustable illumination intensity 0-1200 lux
Mattress platform angleInclination angle (back and forth) : +13º ∼ -13º

Infant Warmer (P-001A)


Simplify operation, improve efficiency, and save valuable time for medical staff.

Hands-free Alarm Silence

It’s able to eliminate the alarm sound just by waving your hand in front of the sensor without touching the machine, help you maintain a clean, quiet and warm nursing environment, and effectively prevent the occurrence of hospital infection. 

Far infrared ceramic heating tube

  • Utilize Elstein far infrared ceramic heating tube, which greatly improve the radiation  efficiency and extend the duration.
  • Perfect to absorded by skin effectively accelerate blood circulation., by which the viscerel temperature and body surface temperature rise simultaneously in short time.
  • Double heating tube design accelerate the heating rate and ideally distribute the heat on the surface even the mattress is tilted, which provides warm and comfortable for neonatal.
  • Apply high-accurate double thermistor temperature sensor and increase its accuracy of temperature monitoring.

Thermal conduction gel mattress

  • Environment silicon gel, with great biocompatibility Soft and comfortable, great thermo performance Anti-bacterium, easy to clean and disinfect as well as reduce bedsore.

Self-adaptive Brightness Adjustment Touch Screen

  • 10.4 inch color LCD touch sreen.
  • Centralized display of all neonatal waveforms and data for easy viewing and operation.
  • Ambient light sensor, automatically adjusted screen brightness.

Advance Features

  • 10.4 inch LCD touch screen with knob.
  • Night and day model switches.
  • Low lightness far infrared ceramic heating lamp.
  • Ambient noise and light level display.
  • Hand free alarms silence.
  • Integrated Spo2 function.
  • Integrated weight scale and resuscitation.

Optional Functions

Height AdjustmentUp to 40 cm.
Weight Scale
Weight range300g to 8kg
Weight display resolution1g
Weight accuracy+/-10g
Pulse Oximeter Unit
Display range1-100% SpO2
SpO2 alarm setting rangeUpper limit : 50-90% (in 1% increments)
Lower limit : 45-95% (in 1% increments)
Pulse rate display range25-240bpm
Pulse rate alarm setting rangeUpper limit : 80-240bpm. OFF
Lower limit : 35-180bpm. OFF (in 5bpm increments)
AlarmsSpO2 high/low limit, pulse rate high/low limit, SpO2 sensor
Resuscitation Unit
ManometerPressure indication : -2 ∼ 8 kPa (-20 ∼ 80cm H2O)
Suction UnitSuction pressure control range : 0 ∼ 36.7 kPa (0 ∼ 200mm Hg)
O2 BlenderOxygen concentration control range : 21 ∼ 100%
Oxygen flow rate control range : 0 ∼ 15L/min.
Resuscitation-flow unitPMAX setting range : 19 ∼ 58 kPa (20 ∼ 60cm H2O)
Default setting range : 39 kPa (cm H2O)
Storage / Shipping Information
Temperature-25º to 60º C
Humidity0 to 95% FH