Syringe/Volumetric Infusion Pump

 Volumetric Infusion Pump: PM 007 (b)

 Display Format:  120x140x190mm
 Net weight:  Less than 2kg
 Power:  220V/50/60Hz
 Fuse:  220V0.2A for two pieces;
 12V0.5A for one piecw
 Power consumption:  20VA; it can operate 2hours with battery charged
 Speed range:  1-600ml/hour
 Infusion increasing amount:  1ml/hour
 Amount range:  1-9999ml
 Speedy amount:  1.0ml
 Speedy infuion:  600ml/hour
 Accumulated amount:  1-9999ml
 Accuracy:  5%
 Open infusion speed for vein:  1ml/hour CKV0
 Alarm:  a. infusion finished;
 b. blocked;
 c. low battery capacity;
 d. wrong installation
 e. bubble in infusion tube;
 f. liquid finished
 Display on the panel:  a. speed; b. estimated amount;
 c. accumulated amount
 d. indicator for battery charge;
 e. battery capacity
 f. AC power connection indicator;
 g.infusion finished; h. alarm for blocked
 i. bubble in tube; j. bed No.
 Chargeable lithium battery:  7.4V, 1000mAh
 Electromagnetic wave protection:  In conformity with IEC60601-1-2(version1993)
 Ambient conditions:  Ambient
 Temperature:  5-45℃
 Atmosphere pressure:  70-106kPa
 Relative humidity:  30%-90%
 Electricity security:  In conformity with GB9706.1-199.5

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