Syringe/Volumetric Infusion Pump

 Syringe Infusion Pump: PM – 007 ( a)

Syringe pump is designed for fast and easy infusion while maintaining precise, constant and pulse free flow rates from 0.1 ml/hr to 200 ml/hr and come with a full range of user friendly functions plus advanced safety features. They are basic equipment for intensive care and anesthesiology ward, as well as surgery, cardiology, neonatology etc.
A built in microprocessor takes care of all the calculations needed to keep control of flow rates and delivered volumes for different sizes and types of syringes. The most common syringe are preprogrammed and stored in the library. The syringe pump can accommodate 10,20,30,50 % 60ml syringe made by all major brands.

Stiction Free Mechanism

  • In syringe pump at low plunger speeds, the friction between the syringe plunger and the barrel causes a jerks, results in the pulsating effect of the syringe.
    “Stiction Free Mechanism” provides reasonably smooth flows at low delivery rates.
    A Unique informative & intelligent “ Digi voice Alarm System”
    A comprehensive microprocessor controlled digi voice alarm system provides high quality voice instructions & alarm massages. It always keeps operator informed of operating situations with both audible and flashing illuminated alarms. It notifies you crucial operating criteria such as occlusion, incorrectly set syringe, KVO and low battery etc.

Self-explanatory control panel

  • The control panel is self-explanatory with abbreviated operating instructions on LCD. Easy-to-read liquid-crystal display all essential data in large size numbers, reducing the chance of erroneous readings. LCD provided with backlight for viewing in dark environments.

Selectable three-step occlusion detection pressures

  • As versatile as they are reliable, these syringe pumps provide selectable pressure level setting to match virtually any requirement. Low, Mid & high occlusion setting.

“Keep-Vein-Open” function

  • When the preset volume is reached, the pump automatically engages the “keep Vein Open” (KVO) function. Infusion rate in KVO is 1% butnot less than 0.1ml/hr. this prevents the infusion line from blocking due to blood clots.

Preset Bolus Rate

  • A simple and safe Bolus function enabling the delivery of the shock dose at any moment of the infusion with the preset rate as under.
    300ml/hr for 10ml syringe.
    500ml/hr for 20ml syringe.
    700ml/hr for 30ml syringe.
    1000ml/hr for 50 / 60ml syringe.

Full information about the course of infusion.

  • Audible & visual display of all the programmed parameters and infusion data such as syringe type and volume, the infusion rate, the infused volume, time remaining till the end of infusion, and occlusion pressure limit.
  • Ultimately 5 minutes prior the end of infusion.
    Alarm announcing the necessity to prepare another dose of the drug.

Volume memory function.

  • In memory Mode, this convenient feature retains the previously selected data delivery rate and limit so they do not have to be re-entered. This not only saves time and effort, but also helps reduce errors.

External Switching Mode Power Supply

The external switching mode power supply complying with high standards, that assures a low as well as high voltage working environment, an other important feature of the unit.

A built in battery

  • Guarantees safe operation of the pump in case of mains failure.
    When patient is being transported.
    Easy set-up on infusion stand
    This model can easily be pole-mounted, or set on a table for more convenient access.

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