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 X-Ray Machine PM-013

This Mobile X-ray machines have been designed to meet international standards. Needless to say the machines are easy to operate and yet have been the power to meet all basic radiography needs. The image quality and contrast is impressive and this help in making the best clinical decision. The machine is designed for easy mobility and manoeuverability through lifts & narrow corridors, into ICU's, OT's and wards. It is well suited for individual clinics, polyclinics, nursing homes & corporate hospitals. We presents mobile X-ray machines that are at par with the best in the world… at price you can afford.

  • Independent kVp, mA & timer display
  • Various voltages and timer setting options.
  • X-ray on audible tone.
  • Mains on/off with overload circuit breaker.
  • Horizontal and vertical travels of arms for better positioning of bedside X-rays
  • Counter balance mechanism for easier positioning and optimum results.
  • Slick, light and space saving design for maximum manoeuverability and mobility for the first time in India.


Generator Rating


60 mA at 80 kVp / 0.15 sec, 40 mA at 100 kVp. 0.7 se, 20 mA at 100 kVp / 10 sec


3 mA at 100 kVp

Tube Current

20 mA, 40 mA, 60 mA

Tube Voltage

40 kVp - 100 kVp (in step of 1 kVp)


Full wave rectified

X-ray Tube

BEL (India) DSA-3, Stationary Anode, Focus 2.8mm x 2.8mm, Anode capacity 40 kHU.


Manual Light Beam, Diaphragm

Mechanical Tube Movements

Up/Dowen Fully Counter-balanced

Vertical Travel

Angular Travel

+/- 80 deg.

IN/OUT Travel

Tube Angulation

Full rotation

Exposure facilities

Stand by & exposure switch on console & switch with extended cable

Power supply

230 V/1 phase/50Hz

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