Physiotherapy Equipments

Muscle Stimulator (Therauptic)

This compact transistorised unit is useful for treatment of muscle weakness, functional paralysis resulting from Traumatic Neurosis, Hysterial of Neuropraxia, Spastic paralysis, Cardio Vascular disorders, muscle trains etc. This muscle stimulator with Galvanic, Interrupted Galvanic, Faradic and Surge Faradic current comes in a metal housing with foam rexine cover and with standard accessories.

Salient Features

  • Input Voltage: 220C AC 50Hz.

  • Galvanic: Maximum output 100 Volt

  • Interrupted Galvanic: A Switch to select 4 different mode of frequency

  • Faradic: Comprises 40 pulse per second, each pulse of 0.9 ms

  • Surge Faradic: Step less control to increase contraction period

  • Function Selector: A Switch, Surgic faradic, Interrupted Galvanic and Galvanic

Accessories: Pair of rubber elecrode wih cable, main line cord, raxine cover. 



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