Paediatric/Infant Care Equipments

Fetal Heart Monitor / Doppler

Fetal Heart Monitor / Doppler

Digital Doppler

Digital Doppler

Infant Radiant Warmer / Open care System

Electronic baby Weighing Machine

Infant Resuscitation Trolley / Baby bassinet

Infant Radiant Warmer Warmer with cradle
Micro Processor Based  
  Infant Care Incubator

Baby Incubator

  Photo Therapy Unit

Photo-Therapy Unit

  Fetal Dopplers
ABS Analog Model Ultrasonic Soft Touch Doppler
Pocket Models Deluxe Handy Models

Ultrasonic Digital Doppler

Regular Handy Models

Syringe Infusion Pump

Baby Bassinet Digital baby weighing Scale
Volumetric Infusion Pump Oxyzen HooOxyzenhoods
Digital Baby Weighing Scale With Dual Digital Displayp Infantometer B
Infantometer 2 Fetal Care Monitoring System
Cardio Toco Grahp Compact Portable Fetal Monitor
  Suction Machines
Foot Suction Apparatus Vertical Suction Apparatus
Slow Suction Apparatus  
  Vacuum Extractor
Manual Vacuum Extractor Electric Economical Vacuum Extractor
Electric Vacuum Extractor (Deluxe)  

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