Paediatric/Infant Care Equipments

Infant Resuscitation Trolley /
Baby bassinet: P-007

  • Available with a choice of thermal controls s ystem Skin/Manual control.

  • Advance microprocessor controlled with self-check on the electronic circuit.

  • Digital display of patient temperature and soft touch display of control temperature.

  • The control panel is also the heart for a complet ely integrated alarm system with both audible and visual indicators in the event of

    • Probes Fail

    • Infant Temp. Low,

    • Infant Temp High.

    • Power Fails.

Facility to converting the warmer from servo mode to manual mode for non-stop working.

  • In Manual mode warmer will start from 40% heat and can be increased upto 99% according to usage.

  • Facility of converting the warmer reading for Celsius to

Heater Assembly

  • -The Heater assembly located above the cente r of the support structure consists of radiant heater and reflector with inbuilt halogen examination lamp for assessment of Infant Color.

  • Digital display of Patient Temperature on big LED's so as to see from a distance.

  • User Friendly feather touch control system.

  • Attached baby bassinet with drop down acrylic glasses.



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