Oxygen/Sleep Therapy Equipments

 Oxygen Concentrator: PM - 014

Product Specifications

The latest PSA technology pressure swing adsorption technology which is NASA derived technology that utilizes unique monocular sieves to separate air into eight constituent part of Nitrogen, Oxygen and trace gases. This Oxygen Concentrator redirects the Oxygen for use out the front, while it ejects the Nitrogen and trace gases back into the atmosphere. The PSA system was developed as an alternative to the cryogenic separation of gases whose purity of oxygen accords with the medical standard.


  • No other raw material are needed except air low consumption of power and low cost of Oxygen production.

  • All gas circuit is controlled by low pressure system, which operates securely and reliably.

  • Adjustable flow rate making oxygen while supply continuously switch on or off at any time.

  • Convenient operation excellent performance low noise.

  • Atomizing device can be fitted if necessary oxygen therapy and atomizing therapy being implemented simultaneously.

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